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We have many reasons to ride.  At time the list is endless.  However, It's easy to forget the first reason we snowboard...

Because we can.

But what about those who can't.  We happen to be in love with a very expensive sport.  For every season ticket holder out there, there are untold numbers of diehard riders who are lucky to get a single lift ticket.  For some, the love of the sport can never go further than a poster on their bedroom wall.  For others, physical challenges may be keeping them from realizing their dream of riding on snow.

​We love everything about this sport.  The brands, the riders, the mountains...we'll take it all.  Our purpose in this industry has emerged from a call to action that we could not deny.  We want to make sure that every man, woman, and child who has a desire to snowboard will have that opportunity thanks to the help of the worldwide community of riders dedicated to expanding the snowboarding family.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of all TRIS gear goes directly to the INSPIRE TRIS PROGRAM.  These proceeds will provide those in need the essentials necessary to join us on the mountains.  Anything from snowboards, boots, clothing, lift tickets and even transpiration... nothing is off limits.

When you rep TRIS apparel, you make the difference.  We know it's not the flashiest shirt on the mountain.  We aren't making the cover of any fashion magazines with our hoodie line up.  We simply exist to unite all riders, expand our family, and bring the happiness of snowboarding to the lives of those who want nothing more than to join us on our journey.

We are lacing up...  Come ride with us.


 A Note From The Founders

We didn't want to own a "brand" we wanted to make a difference.  We love to snowboard.  We love the mountains.  It occurred to us that many kids do not have the means to enjoy such a wonderful part of our world. Whether it's new equipment, lift tickets or rides to the slopes, we want to make sure nothing stands between a child and the sport we love." Your support has made it all possible. Thank you!
Sean, Matthew & Heidi