The INSPIRE Program is dedicated to using proceeds from the sale of TRIS apparel to help aspiring snowboarders find the means to ride.  Our vision is simple.  If you, or someone you know has a love for snowboarding but cannot realize the dream of riding due to financial or physical restrictions, let TRIS and the community of riders in our family help make your dream a reality.  Tell us your story, or nominate someone who has inspired you in the contact form below.  INSPIRE recipients will work with the TRIS team to acquire everything necessary to get them on the mountain.  INSPIRE riders will be featured on our website and throughout the TRIS world as sponsored riders of our company.  So many of us are fortunate enough to have the ability and means to do the things we love.  It's only when we have the chance to give back that our blessings can truly change the lives of others. Come ride with us.

Nominate someone you know for the INSPIRE : TRIS Program